hope everyone has a good time with the new update today! :D

I wanna see all dem screens of the new places uwu

everyone is beautiful

My laptop overheated and turned off when playing GW2 last so I think it’s truly on its last legs.

It is a 7 year old machine though.

I dunno how much I can play GW2, or any “heavy” PC game for a while, until I get a new computer. Boo.


The Arrival.

rip in peace LA

I now need a billion makeover kits /cries

oh my god the new noseless sylvari faces I can’t they’re both doofy and amazing.

Also the new charr faces, cutey fuzzies.

Man I haven’t played GW2 in a month I’ve missed one whole event and missing the Halloween one.

Gotta get on that.

I love the new hair styles but gdi I now need a million make over kits and character slots and to cry myself into space.

thx anet.


Do any other necromancers find their minions completely adorable?

Or is that just me…?

they’re babbies and I won’t hear anyone say otherwise!